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Somehow the Prada Mirage Bag from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection goes out of stock as quickly as it goes in. It’s the latest trend with few surprises, but that’s understandable because ‘Mirage’ means optical illusion that’s caused by atmospheric surroundings like appearance of water in the dessert. So let’s see how the optical illusion is expressed on the design of this Mirage Bag.

The Design


Is there something missing on the Mirage Bag?

Look closer, especially on the things that we often see on other Prada Bags.

Yes, it’s the triangle leather patch on the front of the bag. But where is the logo? Where is the Prada Milano signature? So they left it out.

Instead a new logo has emerged. It’s a bright colored logo embellished on the lower part of the bag. Instead of putting the logo in the center, it’s crafted on the right side and it features a horizontal stripe that goes all the way to the back.

But what’s more? Besides these features, the overall style is quite minimalistic. There are no other prints or unnecessary things added. The leather choice for the Mirage Bag is soft calf leather for the durable and elegant touch.

The camera bag version also includes a long leather shoulder strap. The strap can be removed or adjusted to your comfort.

So what do you think?

The Interior


Zip the bag open to start loading up your daily essentials. Inside there are two pockets and including one with zipper closure.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 14 x 7 x 21 (H x L x W), priced at $1650 USD, £1150 GBP

Where To Shop The Prada Mirage Bag?

1. Matches Fashion – this bag is available here…

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Is Saint Laurent turning the ‘minimalism’ mode on? Well, they’re going after every style in high fashion. We have YSL handbags in So Black, with Short Handle, in Multiple Different Quilting. And now introducing the Saint Laurent Catherine Bag for the Fall Winter 2018 Collection. This bag is so much more than only minimalistic.

The Design


The Catherine Bag is quite a distinctive handbag. The overall body is minimalistic and streamlined, designed in single color. The overall construction is feminine and ladylike. It also looks very classy which is ideal for the businesswoman. And there is more. The Catherine Bag has a gorgeous and useful interior.

What can you ask more than beauty and functional? The bag is made with a front compartment with flap closure. In that compartment you can quickly access your essentials.

While the bag comes with a shoulder strap that’s long enough for shoulder or cross body carry, the sides are refined with two pieces of gold hardware. The front is adorned with the house’s signature, in tiny lettering (just like Celine, sssshhh).

Made from calfskin, which is leather that’s incredible strong and durable. And one more thing, this handbag holds shape.

The Interior


So what’s inside this stunning handbag? Inside there are two separated compartments. In one compartment, you will find a removable coin purse with flap and snap button (yes a removable, which means two fashion pieces in one). There is also a pocket with zipper closing

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 22.5 x 14.5 x 10 cm, priced at $16500 HKD, $1990 USD, €1590 EUR, £1380 GBP.

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Are you in love with the latest Chanel Chevron Button CC Bag from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection. Last time we featured the Clutch version, which was also announced on Chanel’s official website. But what hasn’t been shared is the Shoulder Bag version. Did you wish there was a style that could sling on your shoulder? Well, here is it!

The Design


The Clutch version looks very much like the Shoulder Bag version. Both are crafted with chevron stitching and the newest signature CC Buttons are constructed on the edge of the flap. On every CC button, there is a CC logo embellished.

The Chevron Button CC Shoulder Bag is designed in either lambskin or suede leather. Suede is harder to maintain but it’s super soft. Lambskin is a bit fragile, still durable but super smooth.

The Clutch was crafted with wrist strap, but the Shoulder Bag comes with the signature woven chain leather strap. The leather on the chain strap is the same leather as the bag. So, if you choose suede leather, then the chain strap is also partly made from suede. If you pick lambskin, then the chain strap comes in lambskin.

And there is of course, more good news. The bag is also available in multiple classic shades like blue or black suede, but also black lambskin.

The Interior

We don’t have the exact image of the interior, but we do belief it’s somewhat the same as the seasonal Flap Bags. So there are two main compartments, with a zip pocket and flat pocket. The Shoulder Bag comes in medium-sized, so it can be used as a daily bag.

We think the Chevron CC Button Flap Bag is an unique yet timeless handbag. Unique because it’s never-seen-before. Timeless because the Chevron Quilting as well as the classy-looking buttons.

The Sizes And Prices

We do not have the exact measurements and the prices. When we do have the information, we will provide more details here. In the mean time, please ask the SA for more info.

But if you got more info, please share them with the community in the comments box below.

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The newest Loewe Avenue Bag is not only beautifully designed, but we love the sleek style. This bag is introduced for the Fall Winter 2018 Collection and it’s a fine fashion piece. But it’s still fresh-baked from the oven though, so it needs to be time-tested before it can be named a ‘classic’. So let’s dive into the details.

The Design

The Avenue Bag is shaped with softly sculpted sleek foldover silhouette. This part of the design is quite essential as the center body is rounded while the side is flat. And which creates a nice curvy experience.

The top is crafted with a nice curved front flap and the center is adorned with an Anagram padded closure in leather. And about the leather, it’s made from supple goatskin, which is not only durable but it gives the bag a luxurious texture.

The stop sides are fabulous too as there are two large eyelets crafted in gold hardware to connect the bag with the chain leather strap. So sling the bag either on your shoulder or cross body.

As a high fashion handbag, there is more work done on the details than the eyes can see. For example, the edges are hand-painted. The full leather lining in contrasted bicolor combination. And there are even time spent to think about the size of the flap.

The Interior


The interior comes with one main compartment, but the inside is quite flexible due to the incredible leather. There is enough space for daily essentials and the interior can expand a little bit further if there is more stuff you need to carry.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 24 x 16 x 13 cm, priced at $990 USD, €890 EUR, £795 GBP.

Where To Shop Loewe Avenue Bag Bag?

1. Farfetch – Shop via Farfetch to get this bag…

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Your addiction for handbag can be instantly cured at Saint Laurent. They got all kinds of medicines – quilted, non-quilted, smooth, grained, contemporary or classic. And almost every week, there is a new bag around the corner.

The Saint Laurent Jamie Bag is created for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection. The body is crafted with different quilting, but it looks evenly chic. It’s a stunning piece, eye-catching and worth as a long-term investment.

The Design

The Jamie Bag is one of those handbags that make you feel proud. It’s covered with patchwork leather, but it looks more like large quilting. This type of quilting reminds me of the 80’s and 90’s, which is also why it feels a bit vintage.

The front features the most beautiful YSL logo in bronze hardware. The leather chain strap is also crafted in bronze hardware, which shines like a star if you choose the solid colors. The metal chain can be worn folded and it’s long enough for shoulder or cross body carry.

The bag is designed in rectangle shape and it’s made with lambskin. Even tough lambskin is soft but it can be much more durable than you think.

Move away from the quilting and try out this patchwork leather. It feels as timeless as any classic handbag. And more important, you will love the interior.

The Interior


The inside of this handbag is made with main compartment including 1 zip pocket, 1 receipt compartment and 3 card slots. There is plenty of room to call this bag your ‘everyday bag’.

The Prices And Sizes

Saint Laurent Small Jamie Bag
Size: 20 x 12.5 x 6.5 cm
Prices: $16250 HKD, $1690 USD, €2105 EUR, £2083 GBP

Saint Laurent Medium Jamie Bag
Size: 25 x 15 x 7.5 cm
Prices: $19500 HKD, $2590 USD, €1990 EUR, £1710 GBP

Saint Laurent Large Jamie Bag
Size: 33 x 22 x 7.5 cm
Prices: $22500 HKD, $2890 USD, €2250 EUR, £1950 GBP

Where To Shop The Saint Laurent Jamie Bag?

1. Farfetch – Get this bag via different boutiques around the world here…

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The Tod’s Joy Bag has gone through some changes. For those that are new to Tod’s, the Joy Shopping Bag is one of their signature handbags. It’s a large and spacious bag with minimalistic style. The latest Tods Joy Flap Tote Bag is introduced for the Fall Winter 2018 Collection.

The Design

So what kinds of changes have been made on the Tod’s Joy Bag? The first thing everyone noticed is the elegant hammer leather crafted with hand-dyed trims. We call this the front flap.

But this front flap is more than just a flap. And we’re not taking about the design. If we move the front flap up, which can be easily done, then there is a front flap pocket immediately available for your needs.

The original version of the Tod’s Joy Shopping Bag doesn’t have a flap, but it also doesn’t have a front flap pocket. And the front flap pocket can be very useful as we can have instant access to important essentials.

The flap is also very elegantly crafted. It’s engraved with the house’s logo and the long leather strap has been used as a slip-in closure.

There’s one more part that has been altered from the original Joy Bag. And that’s the line in the center. The original Joy Bag is crafted with a symmetrical line in the center. But that line has been removed and replaced with a front flap.

So the Joy Bag remains a Joy Bag. The shape of the Flap Tote version hasn’t changed. The long beautiful double handles have remained the same as well.

The Interior


So what can we expect from the interior? As we’ve said, there is one front flap pocket. Inside there is also 2 zip pockets, one of which is removable.

The Joy Flap Tote Bag is a spacious handbag. And the flap is perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons because it protects your personal belongings from rain and snow.

Where To Shop Tods Joy Flap Tote Bag?

1. MyTheresa – Shop the new Tods Joy Bag here…

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