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1. Sharing some last minute items that arrived that have worked out for me from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, which ends Sunday (you can see my original recommendations post here).


Roberto Cavalli stretch jersey dress  – Okay I haven’t exactly tried this on yet, but it looked amazing on my salesperson who kindly modeled it and it’s a total “French Riviera bombshell” dress. I bought a size larger than I normally do to be safe and figure I owe a pretty dress to my husband after all these pregnant tents I’ve been exclusively wearing.

Jean Paul Gaultier ruched dress  – Same story as the dress above, but I like this one a wee bit less as I have so many little black dresses already. I will probably keep only one.

TOMS Boucle slip on  – I like that these are more sturdy than the regular TOMS, and the boucle pattern makes them easy to wear through fall and winter as well. Not the most beautiful shoe out there but super duper comfortable!

Cole Haan “Zero Grand” sneaker  – I mentioned these before, I think they’re really light and great as a casual city tourist shoe. The gray version is really cool and the version I bought (I originally had the black, and decided to exchange for gray!).

BABYBEARSHOP Cheeky Baby Butter – I ordered this for baby, but half the jar has been used up on myself and Mr. Feather because it works so well. The weather’s been crazy and we’ve both been suffering from dry skin. Restocking on another jar for my actual future baby.


2. You may have already heard the breaking news that Alexander Wang is out at Balenciaga. The NY Times has a nice writeup from Vanessa Friedman about the strategy behind the hiring, and perhaps parting ways, with Wang. There’ll probably be some more in depth pieces coming later.

3. I thought this story via Toronto Life about Jennifer Pan, a so-called “Golden Child” who ended up hiring hit men to kill her strict, traditional Asian parents, was quite shocking and an interesting insight into the culture. I don’t think that her story is a true reflection of having Asian “Tiger Parents” (actually mine were quite relaxed, so I can’t always relate either), but an interesting read nonetheless.

4. I am on semi bedrest currently, which is the most boring thing ever. I’ve thus given up on reading all my outstanding back issues of The Economist and a copy of Capital in the Twenty-First Century one particularly nerdy friend gifted me, and instead have been indulging in some good ol’ chick lit. My latest read is Luckiest Girl Alive.

Luckiest Girl Alive

Luckiest Girl Alive isn’t high brow literature but it isn’t groan inducing chick lit either. I think it’s basically likeGillian Flynn novel minus a notch or two, a bit more corny but super entertaining and readable. If you’ve been searching for some a nice easy beach read that won’t actively kill your brain cells, this is the best bet I’ve found so far this summer.

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